Roller-Garage-DoorRoller Door Garage Door

We have taken the most contemporary engineering technology and combined it with Plastisol coated steel in an elegant, deeply swaged, square profile design to produce the ultimate roller door. For manual operation, you really need to experience opening our roller door to believe just how smooth, light, quiet and effortless the roller action can be.

The luxury of automatic operation is, of course, simpler still. Roller door design is ideal for achieving a smooth and quiet automatic action and with the neat installation of the motor mechanism partially inside the drum, it is completely unobtrusive.

Security is inherent in the roller door design. The full length galvanised steel running guides provide excellent protection against forced entry. Additionally, we use a full-width, sturdy locking bar system to secure the door.


Garage Door Colour Options

With twenty-one colour options available for Roller Garage Doors you never have to compromise on achieving a unique look perfectly suited to your home. With the exception of the laminates our doors are manufactured using British Steel's industry proven HP200 colourcoat. This durable plastisol coating only requires an occasional cleaning to maintain its lustrous appearance. Our laminate doors are also manufactured with a proven laminate process bonded to the galvanised .5mm steel curtain, again the heaviest in the industry.

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