ThermaRoll-Insulated-Roller-Garage-DoorThermaRoller Insulated Garage Door

ThermaRoll doors combine simple automatic operation and space-saving practicality. Made from twin wall, powder coated aluminium lathe with CFC-free insulating polyurethane our door is designed to help keep the weather and noise outside where it belongs.

The powder coated guides are brush lined to keep the elements out and to ensure no metal contact when the door operates.

Powered by the market leading Somfy operator you are ensured trouble free operation for years to come. The added benefit of photo beam detectors helps ensure your door does not close on any obstruction.


Garage Door Colour Options

With twenty-one colour options available for Roller Garage Doors you never have to compromise on achieving a unique look perfectly suited to your home. With the exception of the laminates our doors are manufactured using British Steel's industry proven HP200 colourcoat. This durable plastisol coating only requires an occasional cleaning to maintain its lustrous appearance. Our laminate doors are also manufactured with a proven laminate process bonded to the galvanised .5mm steel curtain, again the heaviest in the industry.

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