Roofline Products | Gutters

seamless-gutters-drainpipes-guttering-longfordAiden Kelly Homecare, offer a wide range roofline products, We specialize in aluminum Ogee seamless gutters which are roll formed on site to the required length by means of a special roll forming machine and cut to length before fitting, they are fitted by an internal hidden hanger to give a sleek look to any roofline.

Our PVC range of gutters comes in many styles and are in 4mtr lengths and are fitted by means of matching brackets also corners and bay sections which makes for a perfect fit every time.

Our Down pipes comes in two styles square and round. 2.75mtr lengths and can be joined by means of pipe joiners to suit bungalow or 2 story houses and also in a wide range of colors.

black guttering
black guttering2
Black PVC Gutter White PVC Gutter Black Aluminium Gutter
Black and Brown PVC Gutters  White Aluminium Gutter